Our hotel has provided us with a stable income for over 10 years. It has been a fantastic experience meeting people from all over the world and sharing their holidays in Bali.

Sadly, we chose to close our place once the pandemic began to protect our family. It was a tough decision, but it also made us realize that we should try and spend more time with our family in Australia.

The property would suit hands-on operators who enjoy meeting and hosting travelers. Many of the guests who were drawn to our place were looking for something different than the usual large hotel travel experience.

For sure tourism in Bali was hit hard by the pandemic, but it is sure to bounce back once travel opens again. The government is very keen to develop north Bali and give work and economic opportunities to the people living there.

A huge, new market opened during the pandemic in Singaraja.

New, huge market in Singaraja

There are projects to redevelop the reef just near the hotel to attract snorkelers to the area.

There are a number of projects along the north coast to restore the reefs.

The government has announced plans to build a jogging track along the beach from Singaraja to Lovina, some of which is already and is a short walk from the hotel.

Part of the jogging track is already complete and will run from Lovina to Singaraja. It will be a short walk from our hotel to the track

Medium to longer term, the government would like to build an airport east of Singaraja, which will also help to bring more tourists to the area. A better road linking the south of Bali to the north is currently being completed in stages.

Plans for the North Bali airport

Running the business “as is” will generate a stable income, but there are also many potential opportunities to develop the business further, like with the restaurant, spa/retreat/yoga/diving, bike/car rental or tour business.

You can have the opportunity to purchase the property freehold/lease.

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The drastically reduced sale price is US$350,000.

Owner financing may also be available.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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